The Funeral Service
In a Christian church, it is understood that the funeral or memorial service is to be conducted as an act of worship. While the service may be comforting for the grieving and may meet various social needs, its nature should be determined by the same considerations that govern other worship services. The Word of God should be central. By reading appropriate passages, the minister may apply the message of the Word for comfort, hope, and healing. Prayer also is an essential element. With prayer, we praise God for His goodness of the gift of life, in general, and for the life of the deceased. We thank God for resurrection victory and the confidence of everlasting life, and we pray for the comfort and the care of all present, according to their needs.

Planning and Arrangements
Because it is challenging to plan wisely under emotional stress, we want to offer assistance if you wish to discuss plans and preferences ahead of time. Some of these decisions may include the Christian options of burial or cremation, the interment of the remains, an order of service, and participants in this service. The service ordinarily should be held in the usual place of worship to join this service to the community’s continuing life and witness to the resurrection. The service shall be under the direction of the pastor. Others may be invited to serve as leaders at the pastor's discretion.
The first step in making your plan is to complete the Bereavement Planning Form.  Please click below to submit your form.  
1.  Metropolitan UMC no longer provides funeral programs. Please contact your funeral service provider or you may contact Christopher Austin at (240) 547-7724 or email him at

2.  Metropolitan UMC  no longer prepares repast meals.  If you are interested in having a repast at our church, we will provide the banquet hall but you must secure a caterer. All meals must be prepared on-site.  Please see our 2024 Policies and Procedures below for additional information.

3.  Metropolitan UMC no longer prepares PowerPoint slide presentations.  You may submit your own prepared presentations. Please see our 2024 Policies and Procedures below for additional information.